What kind of boat do you have?

Our boat was designed and customized for diver safety and comfort. It is custom made, 25 ft v-hull, with a 225 engine and a large canopy. It accommodates 8 divers comfortably, but we are now capping the boat at a maximum of 6 divers. It is fully equipped with navigation and safety gear. We also have a large cooler and “under-butt” compartments to help keep your belongings safe and dry.

Do you offer any packages?

We offer two different options for bookings. We have our standard dive package as well as the option of a private charter. Our standard dive package includes all of the great things you have read about from gear valet to beach pick up. The private charter option ups the ante and allows you to call all your own shots!

When should I book my dives?

As soon as possible! Of course we work to accommodate every request, but we do fill up quickly. Our regular customers often book their next dive trip while they are still on the boat! As soon as you book your flights and hotel rooms, let us know and we can tell you our availability. Better yet, ask about our availability first and then book your rooms to ensure room on our boat during your stay!

Where is the nearest hospital and decompression chamber?

A hyperbaric chamber is located at George Town Hospital in the heart of Grand Cayman. Anyone who has been here knows nothing is very far away in Cayman. We recommend that all divers have DAN insurance which helps take care of you in the event of a dive emergency. Thankfully we have never had to use these facilities, but Cayman does have some of the most advance equipment if an emergency ever occurred.


You’re going diving, perhaps in a place you’ve never been before; there are hundreds of questions you could ask. Keep in mind that we pride ourselves on our customized personal service and flexibility so there is not always one simple answer. Feel free to email any other questions you may have to us at Dive@seasportsdiving.com.