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Dive Training

Learn To Dive Or Advance Your Skills

Our SSI dive courses range from beginner level courses for those who have never tried scuba diving before, to advanced level courses for experienced divers who want to further their skills and knowledge. We also offer specialty courses such as wreck diving, night diving, and deep diving.

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Our Boat

Our boat is a custom built 34ft Newton beach loader dive boat. It accommodates 16 divers comfortably, but we are now capping the boat at a maximum of 8 divers unless it is a private charter where we will accomodate up to 16 guests.  We have ample sun and shade deck, shower and plenty of space for cameras and equipment.

SSI Dive training

SSI’s Try a Dive course is designed to give participants a taste of scuba diving in a safe and controlled environment. It is a great way to try scuba diving for the first time without committing to a full certification course. Here’s what you can expect from the Try a Dive program:

Introduction and Orientation: The course begins with a briefing on basic scuba diving concepts and safety procedures. Participants will learn about the equipment used in scuba diving, how to communicate underwater, and what to expect during the dive.

Pool or Confined Water Session: After the orientation, participants will gear up and enter the water for a confined water session. This can take place in a pool or a controlled open water environment. During this session, participants will practice basic scuba diving skills and get comfortable with the equipment and breathing underwater.

Open Water Dive: Depending on the program, participants may have the opportunity to go on an open water dive under the supervision of a certified dive professional. This dive will typically take place in shallow water, such as a coral reef or a protected bay. During the dive, participants will explore the underwater environment and experience the thrill of breathing underwater.

Certification: The Try a Dive program is not a certification course, but participants may receive credit towards an Open Water Diver certification if they choose to continue their scuba diving education.

Overall, the Try a Dive program is a fun and safe way to experience scuba diving for the first time. It provides a taste of what scuba diving is all about, and can be a stepping stone towards more advanced scuba diving courses.

Open Water Diver Course: This is the entry-level course for new divers. It covers the basics of scuba diving, including equipment use, underwater communication, and dive planning. Upon completion of this course, divers will be certified to dive to a depth of 18 meters (60 feet) with a buddy.

Advanced Adventurer Course: This course is designed for certified Open Water Divers who want to improve their skills and gain more experience. It includes five dives, with options for deep diving, navigation, night diving, and other specialties.

Specialty Diver Courses: SSI offers a variety of specialty courses, such as wreck diving, underwater photography, and buoyancy control. These courses allow divers to focus on specific skills and interests.

Rescue Diver Course: This course teaches divers how to prevent and manage diving accidents, as well as how to respond to emergency situations. It is a challenging but rewarding course that can help divers become more confident and responsible in their diving.

Divemaster Course: This is the first professional level course in the SSI system. It trains divers to assist instructors in teaching and leading dives. Divemasters are also responsible for ensuring the safety and well-being of other divers on the trip.


Frequently Asked Questions

We do not offer packages per se.   We try to customize diving for each guest.  There is a multi day rate and a one day rate which means you are not required to do a certain number of dives.   Full valet service is included for all our guests.  We offer 2T/3T options based on availability in both the mornings and afternoons.  We also offer private charters starting at $1100 for first 8 divers.   Snorkel or combination charters are also available with pricing upon request.

As soon as possible! Of course we work to accommodate every request, but we do fill up quickly. Our regular customers often book their next dive trip while they are still on the boat! As soon as you book your flights and hotel rooms, let us know and we can tell you our availability. Better yet, ask about our availability first and then book your rooms to ensure room on our boat during your stay!   Happy to provide info on restaurants, accommodations, and just about anything you need to know about our beautiful island.

A hyperbaric chamber is located at George Town Hospital in the heart of Grand Cayman. Anyone who has been here knows nothing is very far away in Cayman. We recommend that all divers have DAN insurance which helps take care of you in the event of a dive emergency.

You’re going diving, perhaps in a place you’ve never been before; there are hundreds of questions you could ask. Keep in mind that we pride ourselves on our customized personal service and flexibility so there is not always one simple answer. Feel free to email any other questions you may have to us at [email protected].

Our boat is a custom built 34ft Newton beach loader dive boat. It accommodates 16 divers comfortably, but we are now capping the boat at a maximum of 8 divers unless it is a private charter where we will accomodate up to 16 guests.  We have ample sun and shade deck, shower and plenty of space for cameras and equipment.

Feel Free To Email Us At [email protected] Or Call Message Or What’s App +1 (345) 925-9092

Non-divers are welcome on board but our regularly scheduled dive trips are focused on diving. The first dive of every trip is a wall dive and is too deep for good snorkeling. The second site is a shallow dive and is much better for snorkeling. Good diving and good snorkeling don’t always mix. For optimum snorkeling & diving, a private charter customized to suit both divers and snorkelers is recommended.

Our prices are all is USD and we take Visa, Master Card, Discover, and cash and. We do not accept AMEX. You can pay at the end of your last trip with us.

Our boat departs from Living the dream dock at 245 North Church Street Grand Cayman KY1, 1206, Cayman Islands. This is subject to change due to weather, don’t worry we will contact you if the location changes.

Once you have booked your dive trip or training. Feel free to complete online waiver online so once you arrive on the day of your dive your already ready to get in the water. Simply follow the link below and just inform the staff on the day of your dive that you have completed this already and they will continue to check you in.

If you have any questions about Grand Cayman Diving or Non-Diving feel free to reach out we would be glad to assist you.